how to remove gel polish at home

Coming with high gloss, durable wear, and long-term harmlessness to the nails, gel polish has always been loved by nail art lovers. But because of the strong adhesion to nails, the UV gel is more difficult to remove than the ordinary nail polish. Besides, there are so many people who can’t help to peel off the remaining gel with their hands, once the gel nail is cracking. That will cause great damage to our nails. Thus, how to remove the gel nail polish safely and efficiently at home?
Currently, there are five types of gel nail polish removers on the market: pure acetone liquid remover, foil remover wraps, nail drill machine, burst-on magic remover, and remover cream. So which one is the best? Then let our nail teacher analyze them one by one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Pure Acetone Liquid Remover

Most professional gel nail polish removers contain high concentrations of acetone. The higher the acetone, the faster the UV gel nail polish will be removed. At present, UV gel remover products containing acetone are the most effective for removing gel nail polish. But the products with high acetone have a pungent smell and are irritating to the skin. Excessive absorption of the odor can cause dizziness and nausea. And the skin that is often exposed to acetone is prone to dryness and allergies, and the nails are also prone to yellowing and drying.

foil remover wraps

Foil Remover Wraps

In fact, the remover wraps pads and the acetone removal liquid are the same ingredient, but it saves the process of preparing the cotton pad and the foil, and the wrapping steps are more convenient. But, if the foil is not tight enough to wrap the nails, the ingredient is easy to volatilize, and cannot be removed from the gel cleanly. At the same time, wrapping the fingers for a long time, the fingers will feel a little pain.

Nail Drill Machine

The manicure drill uses a drill bit to gently grind the gel nails. There is no need to use the nail remover containing chemical ingredients, so do not worry about the chemical damage to your nails. Yet, the use of a drill machine has certain requirements for the operator’s technology, and it is not suitable for non-professionals. Otherwise, it is easy to over-grind the nails and make the nails thin and weak.

Burst-on Magic Remover

Burst-on magic gel polish remover is a modified product based on acetone liquid remover, to reduce the area of contact with the skin and reduce skin irritation. Yet, in actual use, it has an unpleasant smell, like a heavy chemical odor; When the product touches the skin, it will cause a burning feeling, which is very irritating to the skin and does not suitable for sensitive people.

missgel gel remover cream

Remover Cream

The nail remover cream is a newly developed product recently and is a new type of gel nail remover product. The product is mild and non-irritating, even if it is directly squeezed onto the skin, it does not have any pain and does not harm the skin at all; also, it has a low odor and no peculiar smell, so there is no need to worry about the impact on the human respiratory tract. Because the formula is relatively mild and there are no harmful substances, it takes a little longer than other products to remove it, and it takes 10-15 minutes to remove it.

Therefore, for those who love removing gel polish at home, our nail technician recommends using gel nail remover cream, which is gentle and non-irritating and has no damage to nails and skin. Although it will take a little longer, safety and effectiveness are the most important things, isn’t it?

For which brand of remover cream is better, our nail technician also recommends a new gel nail polish remover called MissGel. Its formula is mild and non-irritating, does not harm the skin at all, and can directly touch the skin, comes with a slight fragrance; the remover is cream-like in a tube, which is particularly good for handling and controlling the amount with a sharp outlet; in addition, Vitamin E is added to the remover to nourish nails. After removing the nails, the nails will not be dry or rough at all. It is indeed a safe and efficient UV gel nail remover, we believe you will fall in love with this nail remover cream. Come and try it now.


About MissGel

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