Builder Gel

Missgel’s nail extension builder gel is made of non-toxic healthy ingredients, making the builder gel friendly to skin and nails. Coming with odorless, strong toughness and long lasting wear, the professional UV builder gel can extend and strengthen your nails, blending nails perfectly with easy application. It can be used on weak natural nails, overlays, and tips.

Missgel’s builder gels are designed for professional & personal usage and provide builder gel in a jar, brush on builder gel, and nail builder gel kit.

Builder Gel Series

We have developed a wide range of gel nail builders, like jelly gel builder, color builder gel, clear builder gel, white builder gel, pink builder gel, rubber nail gel builder, fiber builder gel, etc. We can offer the free UV builder gel sample.

Viscositymediumhighhighnot flow
cure timeled 60sled 60sled 60sled 60s
cure temperature35~4535~4535~4535~45

Builder Gel Product Range

Fiber Class Builder Gel

Fiber Builder Gel

clear builder gel

Clear Builder Gel

Jelly Builder Gel

Jelly Builder Gel

Pink Builder Gel

Pink Builder Gel

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Reliable Builder Gel Supplier

As one of the biggest and best professional builder gel manufacturers, Guangzhou Miss Gel Company Limited has advanced techniques introduced from America and GMP certified of dust-free workshop & automatic glue-pouring. Therefore, our production cycle is shorter than others and the price is very competitive.

Our professional builder gel has the following certificate: SGS certificate, MSDS, GMP and so on. Our long-lasting UV builder gel is usually shipped by DHL, TNT, FedEx, ocean shipping and inland transportation.

Missgel offers the OEM/ODM private label professional UV gel builder. We not only provide customized services but also provide private brands, labeling, packing.

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