Color Gel

Color Gel is one of the best-selling product in our company, it gained a lot of compliment among our customers all over the world, especially in Japan. Our color gel is colorful and its color is long-lasting,not easily faded.

All colors have a high gloss shine and perfect . Fill in with small jar. It’s highly recommended to use the color gel together with the base & top coat produced by us, to ensure the perfect effect after applying on the nails.

Color Gel Series

At the present, color gel has the following kinds : 1305 series, 1306 series, 3609 series, 2047 series, 2851 painting, 2730 glitter gel series, 3842 color uv gel series. Every kinds of the color gel have their own unique features. Our color gel has hundreds of colors and we are able to provide any kinds of colors that customers ask for since our company have our own colorists, who spare no efforts researching the color matching. We have the unique color that has the leading position in the color gel market and we also could meet customer’s demanding on the colors as well as the labeling.

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Reliable Base Gel Service

The application of the color gel are as follows: clean the nails — applying a thin layer of base gel — UV curable — {applying the color gel on the nails -UV curable }(twice ) – – applying a top coat — UV curable (the time for the UV curable is 2 minutes, moreover, the UV curable also can be replaced by LED curable ) .

As one of the biggest and most advanced gel polish manufacturer , not only our color gel of high quality, competitive price but also we provide customized services. If you are searching for a high-quality manufacturer with competitive price, Guangzhou Miss Gel limited Company is your best choice.

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