The Shanghai Hongqiao Meibo Club opened on May 20th and continued until the 22st, with the theme of “I Love U Shanghai”.230,000 square meters of exhibition space, 2,200 exhibitors, 200,000 professional buyers, 400,000 visitors, nearly 100 events and forums, is a major event in China’s US industry, and is also a beauty exhibition for professionals. It can set up an efficient and effective resource docking platform in multi-dimension.

To tap new consumer hot spots in the manicure industry, brand sales are particularly prominent. To match the shopping habits of the mainstream consumer groups in the future, innovative ideas will be incorporated into product details and marketing patterns, and more practical experience and management methods will be provided. The positioning of mass products is more clear, and the niche market is constantly being dug up. It has become an image standard for mainstream products. It has more personality and is full of ideas of interaction with consumers. Products that are integrated into life are favored by viewers. Whether it is a new model of creative development channels, an Internet thinking operation method, a conference promotion model, and a new investment promotion, the booths of self-operated factories are also emerging. The promotion and packaging of new products have attracted many visitors. Each family has its own unique characteristics. Promote your own corporate philosophy, you can see the exhibitors and tourists everywhere hot conversation, continuous exchanges have led to a lot of opportunities for cooperation. The flow of people is full of hope, and everyone’s face is full of passion and sunshine. Compared to the Shanghai exhibition last May, this year’s exhibition has a more atmosphere. Under the careful arrangement of the exhibition halls, the quality service attitude of the exhibitors, and the specialization of the tourists, “The enthusiasm of the booths can not be separated from the true landing of their projects. Inclined to demand, in this session of the fair, pragmatic values around the audience. However, new products with advanced product technology, high-quality product quality, competitive prices, colorful colors and types, continue to attract many new and old customers.
This is a meeting that does not talk about subversion, respects and retains the essence of tradition, and is committed to innovation;
This is a vertical and horizontal speech, the needle to see the real place, looking for a wonderful idea of the industry;
This is a new product excavation, cross-border cross-border cross-border cultural and trade exchanges;

Shanghai Hongqiao Beauty Fair is worth coming again!