Polygel is an updated product of nail extension, comes with a natural shape, quick extension, and easy operation, lightweight but strong. The polygel nail enhancement is perfect for beginners to DIY at home!

Missgel’s polygel, also called acryl gel. There is a quick extension gel with high quality. In China, we are the first UV gel manufacturer to produce acryl gel successfully. Nowadays, we have created private labels for many brands and they sell well. Our quick builder nail gel range includes color poly gel, clear pink polygel, rainbow polygel, diamond glitter polygel, neon polygel, luminous polygel, and so on. We can provide 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml polygel tube single pack or polygel nail set.

Polygel Product Range

Color Polygel

Glitter Polygel

Color Changing Polygel

Glow in the Dark Polygel