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Base Coat


Soak Off Base Coat Gel - 3846

MissGel's professional soak-off faster base coat gel 3846 ensures a flawless, long-lasting gel nail manicure that can be easily removed without damaging nails. We offer wholesale, private label, and bulk package options.

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Mood Changing Base Gel Nail Polish

Introducing our innovative Mood Changing Base Gel Polish – a revolutionary product that seamlessly combines the functions of a base coat and a color gel polish. This cutting-edge formula responds to temperature changes, transitioning between vibrant hues and nude tones to complement every mood and occasion.

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3854 - Vitamin E Base Coat Gel

The Vitamin E Base Gel from MissGel is a nourishing base coat enriched with moisturizing vitamin E. Formulated with vitamin E ingredients, this gel base coat protects and reinforces thin, brittle nails while promoting strong, healthy nail growth.

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3812L Base Gel

The gel polish base is a product that acts as a layer between the nail art and the nail plate. The base should be used when working with three-phase gel nail polishes, as it prevents them from sticking to their own pots.

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Top Coat


Acrylic Nail Top Coat Gel - 3150

Unlock the secret to long-lasting, ultra-durable acrylic nails with MissGel's 3150 Super Hard Top Coat Gel. This powerhouse top coat acts as a virtually indestructible shield, enhancing the strength and longevity of your acrylic and nail extension sets.

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Super Glossy Top Coat Gel 3149T

Get the highest shine from MissGel's new ultra-glossy, mirror-like 3149T top coat gel. Our "shiniest" no-wipe top coat gel polish formula delivers 5 weeks of chip-resistant, non-yellowing brilliant gloss.

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2-in-1 Chrome Base & Top Coat Gel

Simplify chrome nail art application with MissGel's 2-in-1 non-wipe Chrome Base & Top Coat gel formula. The perfect base gel adheres mirror powders for brilliant chrome effects while the integrated top coat seals the design.

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3120-KD Milky White Top Coat Gel

MissGel's innovative Milky White Top Coat Gel delivers a light, wispy overlay finish while protecting nail color underneath. The 4-in-1 formula works as a top coat, color gel, strengthener and builder gel all in one.

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Gel Polish


Crystal Pearl Cat Eye Gel Polish - 3533A-5647-AKMY

Discover the allure of our Pearl Cat Eye Gel (3533A-5647-AKMY), a game-changer in magnetic nail art. This innovative formula combines the allure of glass-like clarity with the mesmerizing cat eye effect, creating a truly unique and sophisticated manicure.

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Platinum Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Elevate your nail game with our irresistible Platinum Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - 3533A-5626-BJMY. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning brilliance of shimmering platinum and the enigmatic charm of the cat-eye magnetic effect.

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3533A-5647-SSYSZMY - Dual-Dynamic Mermaid Duo Dimond Glitter Cat Eye Gel Polish

Mermaid Duo Diamond Cat Eye Gel series contains dual-tone magnetic particles that exhibit a two-tone color shifting cat eye effect in different lighting. Infused with ultra-fine reflective glitter for added wow-factor shine. The high-quality magnetic particles can easily create dazzling cat eyes in various styles. The sheer formula allows single or layered looks.

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3533A-5647-SSYMY - Dual Color Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

This 28-color cat eye gel series contains dual-tone magnetic particles that exhibit a two-tone cat eye effect with color shifting shimmer by the lighting or viewing angle. Premium quality magnetic particles easily attract to create strikingly brilliant cat eyes in various styles with each magnet pass. The sheer formula can be worn alone or layered.

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