HEMA-Free/TPO-Free Gel

HEMA-Free/TPO-Free Gel


For those with sensitivities, our Hema-Free Gel Nail Polish collection provides a safe, hypoallergenic solution. HEMA (Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) is a common gel nail polish ingredient that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Our innovative Hema-free gel polish kits and sets are completely free of this compound.

We offer a full Hema-free system including Hema-free gel polish zero products like base coats, color gels, and top coats. These hypoallergenic formulas allow you to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting gel manicures without fear of irritation.

As a trusted UV gel nail polish manufacturer, we create our Hema-free gel nail polishes with the highest quality, skin-friendly ingredients. Get professional, saturated color payoff and superior durability without HEMA. Discover the safer way to gorgeous gel nails with our comprehensive Hema-free product line.

HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Maillard Colors

Embrace the cozy warmth of fall with MissGel's HEMA-free gel polish collection in rich Maillard hues. These highly pigmented, vegan-friendly shades offer a safe and healthy alternative to traditional gels, delivering a smooth, high-gloss finish that complements the season's fashion perfectly. As a leading manufacturer, we provide wholesale, ODM, and OEM services, catering to diverse business needs with competitive pricing.

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HEMA Free Black Gel Polish - NH3683

MissGel manufactures a deeply pigmented black gel polish perfect for trending monochrome nail art or versatile basic manicures. The innovative hema-free approach allows bold opaque color, longer wear, and reduced irritation risks.

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HEMA-Free Gel Polish

Our 3692A products can be considered with confidence on your candidate list. It does not contain TPO substances that harm the human body and does not use active diluent HEMA, which reduces allergic factors and ensures personal use safety.

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HEMA-Free Base Coat

Environmentally friendly and completely safe, our new HEMA-free gel polish is free of the allergens that can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

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HEMA-Free Top Coat

Our 3142 No HEMA Top Coat is a super shine with scratch resistant top coat. It's a non-HEMA product, making it vegan and cruelty free.

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