Function Gel

Function Gel


Elevate your nail artistry with our innovative line of Function Gels - high-quality, excellent and easy-to-use nail products formulated to assist in creating beautiful nail designs and shapes. Our diverse Function Gel collection includes:

Airbrush gels for airbrushed nail art, nail tip glue gels, DIY UV resins, Russian bases, primers/bonders, fiber gels, peel-off gels, spider gels for intricate designs, transfer foil gels, blooming gels, diamond glue gels, gypsum gels, embossed gels, reinforced gels for strength, 3D sculpture gels, gel overlays, and convenient all-in-one function gel sets.

No matter your nail styling needs, our cutting-edge Function Gels provide the perfect solution. As a leading nail product manufacturer, we offer private label, ODM, and OEM opportunities with free packaging and logo design services.

Partner with us as your trusted wholesale nail product vendor for professional-quality Function Gels. Our innovative formulas make creating trendsetting nail art easier than ever before. Discover the limitless possibilities with our Function Gel collection.

3D Jelly Gel

The Model 2070 - No Wipe 3D Jelly Nail Art Gel has excellent thixotropic properties, which means that it maintains its 3D shape without collapsing, and it offers a smooth pattern. It comes in a squeezable tube with a pointed tip that makes it easy to create 3D patterns. There are 24 colors to choose from.

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Chrome Metallic Painting Gel Polish - 3858C-JSJ

Get the intense mirror-like shine of chrome powder with the smooth, controlled application of gel polish using MissGel's innovative Metallic Mirrored Effect Painting Gel. The unique formula contains finely milled metallic pigments seamlessly suspended in a gel base for an ultra-sleek, liquid metal texture.

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2071C - No Wipe Painting & Sponging Ombre Gel

MissGel's Thick Consistency Ombré Gel makes gradient nail art easy and mess-free. The thicker, highly pigmented color formula is perfect for blending vibrant ombré effects with an nail art sponge. Use also as a base color or for painting intricate designs.

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2077 - Ombre Spray Airbrush Gel

Discover effortless ombre nails and seamless color gradients with our 2077 Airbrush Gel Polish kit. Specifically designed for airbrush application, this highly pigmented UV gel formula takes the hassle out of blended nail art. Achieve flawless gradients, ombres, and color fades with our beginner-friendly airbrush gel polishes. No diluent or mixing is required - just shake and load into any airbrush nail gun. The ultra-saturated pigments provide complete easy coverage for vibrant pops of color.

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3856 - Nail Tip Glue Gel

Get salon-worthy nail extensions with our 3856 Nail Tip Glue Gel. This clear, solid gel formula provides a super-strong yet flexible bond for secure nail tip application. The convenient squeeze tube ensures mess-free, precise glue application every time.

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DIY UV Resin

Our UV resin is easy to use and cures fast. With a super-glassy, high transparent finish and flexible finish, this transparent UV Resin is ideal for small projects.

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Russian Base

The Russian leveling gel is a new upgrade base coat gel, which can structure the nails to create a nice curved and firmer nail. The material enables nail alignment, while fixing the natural and artistic effect

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Fiber Gel

The UV/LED formula has slow and even self-leveling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odor-free and the gloss finish is permanent, giving you a high shine.

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Peel-Off Gel

3102-1185 One-Coat Testing Gel is a peel-off base coat gel, using resin base material, non-toxic, odorless, mild and non-irritating.

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Spider Gel

3852A-BSJ Spider Gel comes in a light formula that provides smooth and even coverage. The brush allows you to easily create perfectly straight lines, with nails that look like they have been professionally done.

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Transfer Foil Gel

2058 Transfer Gel is a gel-based adhesive that is great for use in nail art and decal application. It's easy to apply, no mess, and dries quickly so you can get straight to the fun part!

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Blooming Gel

Our 2057 Blooming Gel makes gel nail polish automatically blur out cloudy, marbled, and other patterns. It's transparent and dries clear so you can see the beautiful colors inside clear gels.

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