Nail Art Essentials

Nail Art Essentials


Elevate your nail artistry with our comprehensive collection of nail art essentials. We offer all the tools and supplies needed to create stunning, intricate nail designs. Our selection includes precision silicone mold nail guides for perfect french nail art designs, as well as ultra-detailed 3D nail art molds.

Keep your brush game strong with our nail brush cleaner liquids, brush conditioners, and specialized gel nail brush cleaners. These solutions remove stubborn product buildup while conditioning bristles for extended use. And we provide private label, ODM,OEM options with free packaging and logo design services.

Whether you need molds for embedding charms or decals, guides for crisp lines and patterns, or the perfect brush cleaners and conditioners, we have it all. As a leading nail product vendor, we provide bulk pricing on all your nail art essential supplies.

Unlock your creativity and impress clients with flawless, professional-looking nail art. Our nail art essentials simplify the process while delivering salon-quality results every time.

Press-On Nail Glue

Press-on nail glue - 6611 is a HEMA-free, TPO-free formula, a specialized adhesive designed for securing nail tips and press-on nails. Our premium nail glue for press-on nails offers a strong, long-lasting bond that keeps your artificial nails in place. This soft gel tip adhesive is perfect for both professional nail technicians and at-home nail enthusiasts looking for salon-quality results.

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Liquid Chrome Nail Powder

MissGel's liquid chrome powder 2076 - MJY is the liquid version of chrome powder. It effectively solves the issue of powder flying during application and comes with a brush for easier use. With a smaller amount required, it can create a perfect chrome effect. Also, They have different effects on different base colors!

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Dual Form Nail Art Silicone Pad

The ultimate reusable stencils for creating eye-catching animal print intricate designs. With superior grip and contour, these silicone pads provide precision and accuracy for professional-level results. As a leading manufacturer, we offer wholesale nail art tools, supplies, and customized manufacturing services.

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French Tip Silicone Mold Nail Guides

French tip guides are thin silicone molds that attach to dual forms to shape the ideal french smile line. Traditional french manicures require carefully hand painting on the white tip. Our molds take the guesswork out by providing a foolproof outline.

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3D Silicone Nail Art Molds

The silicone molds offer great stretch for easy removal of casted pieces. Durable, reusable, and heat resistant with anti-yellowing. Transparent to monitor castings and optimal UV curing. Provides precise molding to save modeling time, ideal for beginners. Compatible with UV resin, epoxy resin, acrylic powder, etc. Wide selection of patterned molds. Recommend kits with 8002 Color UV Resin for vivid colors and easier customer selection.

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2073 - Nail Brush Cleaner Liquid

Low viscosity, non-volatile, quickly dissolving various residual gels on the brush, slow evaporation, containing grease, no damage to brush Suitable for cleaning gel nail brush that have not been cleaned properly

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GT10 - Nail Prep Dehydrator

It is used to remove moisture and grease from the nail surface, helping to create a stronger, better adhesive nail base for acrylic, gel, nail polish application.

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Nail Primer/Bonder - 6101

The Nail Primer/Bonder is gently etched and removes any oils or residue from the natural nail, further improving adhesion and ensuring a smooth, flawless application.

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2075 - Nail Brush Conditioner

It is a non-evaporating and non-solidifying formula that provides long-term moisture to nail brushes when stored for extended periods. It keeps bristles soft and provides a smooth and easy application experience.

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2074 - Gel Nail Brush Cleaner

The 2074 brush cleaner softens the brush, deeply cleans the color gel in the brush root. Suitable for the first-time cleaning of heavy color and glitter gel on the brush

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