Non-Stick-To-Hand Solid Builder Gel

Non-Stick-To-Hand Solid Builder Gel

MissGel's no-stick hand solid builder gel is the perfect solution for hassle-free and flawless nail extensions. With its unique features and high-quality formulation, this gel has become a favorite among nail technicians and enthusiasts alike.

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What is a Non-Stick-To-Hand Solid Builder Gel?

A non-stick-to-hand solid builder gel is a thick,non-flowing consistency builder gel used to extend nails and create 3D nail art designs. Unlike traditional liquid/powder systems, this unique putty-like gel won't stick to your hands, making it easy to pinch and model freehand.


Why is MissGel's Solid Builder Gel So Innovative?

Our advanced non-sticky solid builder gel formula offers benefits you won't find with other gels:

  • High viscosity, non-flowing formula holds its shape for sculpting
  • Soft, pliable texture can be freely kneaded with fingertips
  • Non-sticky so it won't stick to hands or tools
  • Strong adhesion once cured to your nail surface
  • This multi-functional builder gel lets you sculpt extensions using dual forms or nail forms, carve intricate patterns and textures, create embossed 3D art, and more - all without getting gels stuck under your nails.


How to Use Non-Stick Solid Builder Gels to Extend Your Nails with Dual Form

  1. Apply a thin layer of gel base coat to prepped nails
  2. Take appropriate amount of solid gel with the dual form
  3. Flatten and shape the gel with your hand
  4. Place on your nail and cure with LED/UV lamp with 120 seconds, then file and shape as desired
  5. Seal and protect with a high-gloss gel top coat


About MissGel: Professional Gel Nail Supplies

MissGel is a trusted gel nail polish manufacturer offering a full range of professional nail gel supplies at bulk wholesale rates. We provide private-label gel polish manufacturing with custom formulations, colors and complete branding services.

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