2074 - Gel Nail Brush Cleaner

2074 - Gel Nail Brush Cleaner

The 2074 brush cleaner softens the brush, deeply cleans the color gel in the brush root. Suitable for the first-time cleaning of heavy color and glitter gel on the brush

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Restore Gel Nail Art Brushes with Specialized Cleaner

Achieve flawless nail art with our gentle yet effective gel nail brush cleaner. Specially formulated to dissolve and remove built-up acrylics, gel polish, glitter gels and more, this cleaner will restore your manicure brushes to like-new condition.

What is Gel Nail Brush Cleaner?

This specialized brush cleanser is designed to deep clean and condition nail art brushes. The formula contains active ingredients that soften thick gel polish and break down other stubborn product residues.

Regular use helps dissolve thick, sticky buildup that ruins brush shape and performance. After cleaning with our nail art brush cleaner gel, brushes regain their fine tips and flexibility for smooth, precise artistry.


  • Softens and dissolves glitter gels, acrylics and polish
  • Cleans deep into bristles to remove residue
  • Restores proper brush shape and alignment
  • Creates precise tips for detailed nail art
  • Prevents product contamination between clients
  • Extends lifespan of quality nail brushes
  • Smoothes application for flawless artwork

Salon professionals and DIY manicure lovers alike will appreciate how this specialized formula revives dirty, crusty brushes.

Gentle on Bristles, Tough on Gels

While powerful enough to tackle heavy gel and glitter polish, our brush cleanser is specially formulated with nail-conditioning ingredients. This means bristles are softened without damage after cleaning.

Why waste money replacing brushes when this professional cleaner can restore them again and again? Keep your supplies clean and flawless manicures within reach.

🛒 Salon professionals - inquire about wholesale pricing on our salon-strength brush cleanser.

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