2816 Base Gel - HOT SALE
Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
  • Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
  • Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
  • Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base
  • Premier Gel Rubber Base,Pearl Primer Gel Base

2816 Base Gel - HOT SALE

Missgel 2816 is a specially formulated gel-polish adhesion base that creates an adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel polish while not damaging the nail plate.

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Premier Gel Rubber Base

Missgel 2816 Base Coat Gel creates an adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel polish while not damaging the nail plate. It is the first step to a gel manicure. It will make your mani more durable and last you for around 4 weeks. It is very popular with nail salons and nail technicians. It works effectively with any brand of gel polish.

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Product Name: 2816 Base Gel - Hot Sale

Suitable Lamp: UV/LED Lamp


  1. Easy to apply, no air bubbles, smooth gel.
  2. Good self-leveling, easy to apply.
  3. No buffing required, strong adhesion and good longevity, lasts up to 4 weeks.
  4. Protects the nail surface, and maintains a healthy nail after removal of the manicure, with no yellowing or corrosion of the nail due to the long-term retention of the gel nail polish.                                                                                                                                                                         
  5. Low viscosity, with a viscosity of 1800-2300pa, packaged in a glass bottle with its brush, convenient to apply, flexible, and easy to use.
  6. LED/UV can be used to dry the nail, the recommended lighting time is 60 seconds for a 36W UV lamp and 30 seconds for a 36W LED lamp; can be removed easily with acetone, no need to buff or file, easy and quick
  7. Best-selling in Asia, South America, Europe, America, the Middle East, and other markets.

This base gel is our bestseller and adds a heavenly layer of color to any nail polish gel with this quick-drying and crack-resistant base coat. Helping to keep your nails fresh for a long time, enhances the staying power of your nail polish gel, making it easier to apply and longer.

For best results, use our base coat with the same color as your favorite tint, so you can achieve a high-gloss manicure every time.

Before you use other colors of nail polish gel, please be sure to apply our quick-drying base coat to the surface, which aims to last longer and make your favorite colors look longer.

This base coat is very popular and one of our bestsellers. If you are interested in this hot-selling base gel, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


1. How Many Coats Of Nail Base Gel Are Recommended?

Apply nail base gel twice. First, apply a thin layer of removable base gel, use the light for three to five minutes, and then you need to wrap the edges well. Then scrub the floating gel on the base gel, apply a second thin coat of colored nail polish gel, and apply two coats in the treatment to complete.

2. Why Doesn't Nail Base Gel Work?

When you put your hand under the lamp after base gel, it has not dried after a certain period, what is the reason for this? Have you encountered these problems? There are mainly the following reasons.

Excessive dosage: Too much or unevenness on the special adhesive for nail polish gel will cause the base gel to not dry out.

Expiration of the nail polish oil: The quality of the nail polish base gel is the main factor that has been baked, and the inferior base gel is not easy to dry.

Lighting time: If the lighting time is too short, the nail surface will not be fully cured, but it will not be baked all the time. As long as the lighting time is prolonged, the base gel can be cured.

Lighting: The light of the nail lamp is not strong enough, which also causes the nail base gel to be baked all the time.

Premier Gel Rubber Base

What service you can get

  1. One-stop Service
  2. Customized Processing Service
  3. OEM & ODM
  4. Provide Raw Materials, Bulk Package
  5. Customized Colors
  6. Packaging Design
  7. Bottle Design
  8. Customized Logo
  9. Free Sample
  10. Customized Transportation Means 


Production Process

Raw material →Hybridizing →Stirring →Vacuuming →Filling →Packing →Inspecting →Finished good


Company Profile

Pearl Primer Gel Base

Missgel currently has more than 500 employees, with 4 high-level R&D departments working on materials, colors, functions, etc.

We can quickly develop the latest and most innovative products in the nail market and have rich experience in customizing special products for professional customers and e-commerce customers. There is an excellent sales team to provide services in various languages, such as Spanish, Farsi, Japanese, English, Russian, etc.; our senior design team offers packaging design, label design, logo design, various promotional materials design, etc.;

there is also an after-sales service team to quickly solve customers' problems.

From product selection to the establishment of your brand, we'll partner you along the way and provide professional support to achieve your business success.


R&D Workshop

Pearl Primer Gel Base图层 5.jpg

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Transportation & Logistics

We can transport the product by ship, railway, and plane. And we also have cooperation with express companies, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT. At the same time, we have an overseas warehouse for direct shipping.

For sample order, 1-3 days are needed; for general large order (less than 20,000 bottles of gel polish), 15-25 days needed. 

Our shipping time depends on the way you choose. If you send it to China, it will arrive the next day. For overseas shipment, it takes 35-40 days by sea and land, 12-15days by air, and 5-7 days by express.

Our regular gel polish packing box is that there are 8 inner boxes, and each inner box has 25 bottles of gel polish, 200 bottles in total.



Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: MissGel is an original factory with OEM/ODM services. We have 10 years of experience in customizing special products for professional customers and e-commerce customers.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit it?

A: Our factory is located in Huitong Manufaturing District, Xiantang Town, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, China. Our factory covers an area of 9,000㎡. And our business reception office is located in Guangzhou city, China, where you can take 20mins by car from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

Q: What is the maximum daily output of your factory?

A: Our factory has nearly 500 employees, and the maximum daily output can reach 600,000 bottles per day, which can ensure mass production.

Q: What is the material of your products?

A: UV curable pure resin etc. We can also customize it according to your formula.

Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

A: For acryl gel products (60g, 30g), our MOQ is 200pcs (25pcs for one color accept); for gel nail polish products (15ml), our MOQ is 1000pcs (65pcs for one color accept).

Q: What kind of product certificates do you have?

A: Our product certificates include GMPC-ISO22716, SGS, MSDS, CPSR, PIF for CPNP registration, etc. We can meet most national standards and assist you in providing the documents and certificates you need for your products.

Q: What are the selling points of your products?

A: The selling point of our products is that the color difference is small; the quality is stable, and the durability is at least 4 weeks; there are over 3000 gel colors for chosen; a wide range of products for chosen; customized colors is available; design service is available as well, full time after-sales service is provided.

Q: How about quality control?

A: We have a professional quality inspection department, conducting the strict inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, products in production, and finished products to ensure stable production of products. For those defective products, we will fix it or remake it.

Q: What parts of the packaging design do you service?

A: We have a professional senior design department, which services logo, label, bottle appearance, inserts, packaging, and everything else as you required.

Q: How can I get the gel color card of your product?

A: We will send you a color chart in PDF firstly. If you're interested in them and want to see the physical gel color card of the product, you can pay a small deposit in advance, and we can ship you the physical gel color card of the product.

Q: How can I get free samples?

A: As long as you are committed to developing your brand, we can provide the free samples but shipping costs will be paid for customers.

Q: How many types of shipping do you offer?

A: We can transport the product by ship, railway, and plane. And we also have cooperation with express companies, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT.

Q: How can I make a payment?

A: You can pay by bank transfer (T/T), Paypal, Alibaba's credit insurance, etc.

Q: What are the specifications of your packing boxes?

A: For regular products, such as gel nail polish, our packing box contains eight boxes that are 25 bottles of gel nail polish in each box. And there are a total of 200 bottles of gel nail polish in the packing boxes. We can also customize the specifications of packing according to the needs of customers. And we can also print logo on your box or bottle package as you required.

Q: What should you do if the product I receive does not match the order?

A: If the customer receives a product that is incorrectly delivered or damaged, we will resend the correct product or new product to fix these issues.

Q: How can I make an order?

A: We have a professional sales department. You can contact the salesman you have for professional service. If don't, please contact our office: TEL: (86)20-36689493, FAX: (86)20-36558056, E-mail: miranda@missgel.com

Q: What's lead time and shipping time?

A: For sample order, 1-3 days needed; for general large order (less than 20,000 bottles of gel polish), 15-25 days needed. Our shipping time depends on the way you choose. For both the ship and railway, it is 35-40 days, and 7-10 days by air. We recommend to ship by express FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc., which is a little expensive but fast and safe for UV gel products.

Q: How about the after-sale service?

A: Our after-sales service is one of the best in the industry. If you have any questions about the product, our salesman will respond to you within 24 hours.

Q: How about the import customs fee?

A: Our salesman will declare the value as the customer's requirement normally. The import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping. These charges will be different from each importing date. If the goods were turned back or destroyed for unable customs-clearance, the related cost will be paid by customers.

Q: What is the customs code of the product?

A: There are two customs codes of the product in available. One is 3506990000, for entrusting a company with export authority to declare for us; and the other is 3304300001, for the official customs declaration.

Q: How can I be your agent? Which countries did you sign the agent contract?

A: Our factory, specializing in OEM, supplies the product to many famous brands and new brands. We don't sell our brand, so we don't have an agent. We have rich experience of serving both professional and e-commerce customers.

Q: What kind of languages do you offer? And which countries are mainly exported to?

A: We offer the language in Spanish, Japanese, Farsi, Russian, and English, ensuring our salesman can communicate fluently with you. Our products have been exported to more than 150 countries, mainly to the USA, Japan, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions. And our products have won high praise from the customers!

Q: Does your company participate in the exhibition?



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